Monday, April 15, 2013


This is a little late, but Michael finished changing out the shutters and they look GREAT!  Changed them from creamy green (haha, for those involved in the inside joke!) to cedar!  So much better!

My one contribution was that I painted the bedroom!  It is no longer the yellow/beige color like every other room.  Its now a "sophisticated" light gray.  La Tee Da.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Just thought I would share this so everyone can feel our pain....I'm a caring person like that.

The lighting in our living room is so ridiculous and has made finding an accent wall color the most trying thing so far in home ownership.  I think we have finally decided on a dark blue color, but still have yet to paint the wall due to a small area that needs a patch job.

I would apologize for the bad picture taking, but honestly, that's what they look like due to the lighting.  In order its 1. light orange 2. supposed to be red 3. denim blue 4. lipstick red 5. dark ocean blue 6. this was more of a joke just to add to the rainbow is a grass green.

Hopeful that we can start this weekend or next....guess we'll see.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sewing Table

One day while perusing Pinterest (Michael says that's where originality goes to die), I came across this:

I would have provided a reference link, but none seem to exist anymore.

As it just sew happens (see what I did there?  Its a sewing table!), I had something at my disposal that has been looking for a job for a VERY long time....

I'm not really sure why this is the angle of the ONLY picture that I have of it.  But imagine that the wooden piece is the top and the metal plate is at the bottom.

So after ripping this thing to pieces and attaching a wooden top, I had a NEW sewing machine!  It looks amazing!

NOW, I just need to find something to sew!  Which, if I take a look at my list of things to do, shouldn't be too hard.