Bucket List

Family List
Get married
Have kids
Live in the country
Own our own house

Work & Learning
Become a high school math/ag teacher
Get my Master’s degree
Start a hay business

Vegas Baby!
Great Wall of China
Northern Lights in Alaska
Mediterranean Cruise
South African Safari
Travel around Europe by train
Visit Singapore
Re-visit Turkey
Go shopping in NYC
India (not really a goal, but I’ve been)
Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Ireland, Scotland, England

Rodeo again
Own a pair of red boots
Re-learn to play golf
Plant/Maintain a garden
Live self-sufficiently
Be debt free (except for a mortgage)
Have a closet I’m proud of
Have one AMAZING Summer
Learn how to sew

1 comment:

  1. Heeey! I found your blog and just had to comment here once I saw the South African Safari since, well, I'm South African! :D :D

    If you ever do come to South Africa, drop me an email with your blog post on your trip! I'd love to see it! And dont bother with Johannesburg, come to Cape Town! We have some AMAZING animal reserves here in the Western Cape (and our beaches are lovely too!).


    PS: Congrats on your wedding, I'm tying the knot on the 30 March ... that's next month! Eep!