Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaack!

That's right. I'm finally back. After what feels like forever but has only been about a three month hiatus, I'm finally back. In my self defense, we did get married, move, change jobs, and then unfortunately have to change jobs again. All within a two, two and a half month period. It's been stressful, exciting, and very interesting all at the same time.

Just a few minor updates:

We were finally able to pick a picture, order our thank you cards, and received them in the mail so we'll be busy working on those.

Our new apartment feels very temporary. Wedding stuff still stacked along one wall, our built in bookshelf is haphazardly organized, and very few pictures have made it to the wall. Honestly, I'm tired of the year(ish) long leases and am ready for something more permanent. I'm tired of moving during the 110 degree Texas summers, or the 6 inches of snow that materialized overnight during the apartment switch of 2010.

Oh yeah, and we went to Vegas. My new favorite vacation spot. I'm officially hooked. But more on that later.

So, I'll start to catch you up on what you missed (including the wedding!) and keep you current.

If you're still interested that is :)

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