Thursday, November 8, 2012

Divided We Stand

Sorry for skipping yesterday. After writing my post the day before, I figured I would follow it up yesterday (*fingers were crossed*) with a celebratory post of how the Republicans swept the swing states, stayed in control of the House, and even picked up a few seats in the Senate. But with the election day voting split between the Republican House and the Democratic Senate and Presidency, I'm not sure how any Americans can rest easy.

In a nut shell, it will be another four years of nothing getting done. And before anyone gets their panties in a twist about me shoving my beliefs and whatnot down their throat, hear me out.  I'm not saying this because Obama was reelected, and I wanted Romney. I'm saying this because of the split between the House and Senate. They haven't been able to work together the last two years, what makes us think they can work together the next four? And now we expect both sides to compromise their principals and work together? When the most is at stake? I hate to break it to people, but it's not going to happen.  As much as we want to sit around the fire and sing kumbaya (spelling? idk), it's not going to happen.  The men and women we chose to represent us in government positions are normal people just like you and me.  They're stubborn.  They have faults.  And they were elected running on certain positions and if they don't follow thru with those positions, then they will lose the next election.

Honestly, I can't blame politicians for running on a platform and then standing firm.  I voted for certain people who made promises.  If they chose to not keep these promises, or vote in a way that would break them, I would not vote for them the next time around.  Simple as that. What I'm most disappointed in is the American people.  They don't seem to be able to pick a side anymore.  They can't seem to determine for themselves what principals they are going to stand for, then choose a candidate/side that most represents them. I just don't understand how a Republican House Representative or Republican Governor can be voted in, but a Republican President cannot.  Some of these voting blocks (Ohio, North Dakota, I'm looking at you), did that very thing.

I just don't get it.  These two parties are so clearly different.  They are divided on every issue imaginable, from economic policy to foreign oil independence.  There clearly is a difference.  Just pick a side people!

"He who stands for nothing will fall for anything" - Alexander Hamilton


  1. Megan this is one of you best posts ever. More people must read your blogs. You covered all my thoughts exactly. Soooo proud to call you my daughter in law

  2. Great insights Megan. Wierd, but I've been pondering this exact topic since the election.

    1. We're both very confused and just don't get it at all.

  3. I know this is from a year ago & look, we are exactly where you predicted we would be! I would just like to comment on the whole not being able to pick sides thing. Just remember, I can only explain my thoughts, I have no idea about anyone else! My entire family is Republican, I mean all the way back ancestors, probably since 1791. Fast forward to 1995. I have a child that has Cerebral Palsy, Asperger's, severe heart disease(surgery at 8 days old), etc. My husband decides he never signed up for this and takes off with his co-worker to start a new life never to be seen or heard from again(or paying child support or being in his son's life or paying for insurance....). I learned very quickly how Republicans do not care in any way, shape or form about children with disabilities or single moms. I already made this a long post, I won't make it any longer with all of the details of what I had to go through....I just want to explain why some people just might not be sure what party they want. You are so correct, they are polar opposites in beliefs. I believe in quite a lot of what the Republicans stand for, however, I am far from wealthy, so the tax breaks they give them hurt me, they do not help me & 18 years later as my son is in his senior year of high school, I thank God every day that I did not listen to the Republican senator that told me (when my son was 7) to put my son in a home for special needs when I started protesting the funding taken away from special needs organizations like Easter Seals. These may only be two things that I disagree with the Republican party about, but they have more effect on my life (& my son's) then anything else. I hope I didn't offend you at all and that maybe this helps you understand a little better why some just can't decide! Of course it could also be that it's really hard to choose the lesser of the two evils :)