Saturday, March 31, 2012

BBQ: My Favorite Acronym

So, as the caterer's were disappointing me left and right, I decided to come up with a Plan B. Lucky for us, Luling is the Bar-b-q Capitol of the world. Well, at least Texas.

With a barbq restaurant literally on every corner, the possibilities were endless. And with time ticking down to July 14th, I felt like I had to start narrowing down the choices.

There was the obvious to the locals, Luling City Market. Best bar-b-q in town hands down. You walk thru the doors and the grill is right there inside. You order your meat & sides, and they serve it all to you on butcher block paper! It's awesome. The price however, was not. *womp womp

Luling Bar-B-Q was right across the street. It seemed like a good alternative. And it was about 2/3's the price of City Market. We could get a two meats, two sides plate served buffet style in our budget! They even had my favorite side: New Potatoes!

Another option about 15 minutes down the road came with pretty good street cred. All of my Grandparents said if I wasn't going to choose City Market, then I should go with Chisholm Trail BBQ in Lockhart, TX. One of my friends had also used them for her wedding. She said the food was great, and service excellent. Now, they didn't offer my favorite side of new potatoes, but with recommendations like those, they were very much in the running.

But all these options were not to be. My Mom threw a wrench in my plan, and mentioned a man who USED to own a restaurant but now catered on the side. I asked around, and people said good things about him. Turns out (**small town disclaimer for what you read after this), my uncle’s boss is married to his sister and he had catered my uncle’s boss’s son’s wedding, and the boss man said it was good. My mom knows him, so as an extra incentive, he'll do pretty much whatever we ask of him, all at an affordable price.

We basically decided by figuring that since my mom had offered to pay for the dinner, and she felt more comfortable with him, then we would go with him. They all offered the same service at the same price, so I didn't feel like we would be missing out on anything by not choosing one over the other.

We'll be eating brisket, sausage, beans, and potato salad. He's going to set it all up, with people forming lines down both sides of the buffet. He has also agreed to provide the tea for my drink bar (more on that later)! As this was the last major decision we had to make, I’m so glad to finally put it behind us. We literally made this decision just last week, only a little over 3 months before the wedding! We are cutting it close when it comes to booking a caterer, but I’m glad it’s finally taken care of and we can check that box as complete!

How many Plan's did you have for catering? Did Plan A fall thru and you had to go to B? How many weddings have you been too were they served BBQ?

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