Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bedspreads and Bridesmaid's Dresses

I know you’re thinking, 200 napkins? How can this chick decide on a napkin when she doesn’t even have colors for her wedding yet? Honestly, picking our colors was probably one of the easiest things we did when it came to wedding planning. It was even a team effort! Most girls I'm sure agonize over their wedding colors. This shade of pink or that shade, pastel peaches or vibrant, eye popping purples and reds. I, on the other hand, looked at our bedspread after being engaged for about a week, and said "those colors look nice". Michael replied with "I can live with that", thus our "wedding color palette" was born! Riveting, no? (warning, crappy iphone pic ahead).

The original colors of pale blue and light green looked fine to me, but didn't seem quite right. But hey, it looked nice and who am I to rock the boat? I really tried to love those colors, but all I could do was like them. They were too pale, too boring, too uninteresting in my books. There just wasn’t any personality. But, I could live with them. They would look nice come the big day. In case you haven't figured it out yet, we're very easy going people. Michael more so then me, he would probably argue. Occasionally, I can be a little high strung.

But I let it go. I mean, nothing was exactly written in stone just yet, and I figured I could just use pops of color in the flowers or something to cover up the mundane-ness of it all. Then, it appeared. There were no whispering angels or ray of sunshine shining thru the clouds forming a halo of light around it, just the click of a mouse button as it opened the web page ( on the below bridesmaids dress. The color is the one actually shown below. It was perfect! It was fun, it had ruffles, it would be comfortable, and it had personality! It was just so different from anything else I had seen online. With our evolving wedding slowly turning into a country chic showdown, I figured the below dress would be perfect with cowboy boots! And I loved the color! Which is good since there were no other shade’s of blue alternatives.

After adjusting the green a little to mesh with the new aqua/turquoise color, we had a color combo and a bridesmaid’s dress! Winning!

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