Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Better Introduction

I feel like I kind of skimped on introducing us yesterday.  My only excuse was that I was really excited about starting to blog and wanted to get my first post written as quickly as possible so that we could move onto the good stuff.  But while thinking about it yesterday, I decided that blogging about wedding planning is much like the actual act of wedding planning.  It’s a marathon, not a race.  So if I want my posts to make sense and actually be understood the way I intend for them to be, you need to know more about me!  As well as my significant other! 

So who are we?  Well, we met in 2007 while working together for a steel manufacturing company. This is not some fairy tale story people! I had just joined the company and was working in from my hometown of Seguin, Texas. Michael had just taken a job with the same company and was working in Dallas. We were introduced during a "Team Work Week" in Seguin. After several months, I was asked to leave Seguin and move to Dallas to work at the corporate headquarters. While working in the same department, we eventually grew closer and began dating during the summer of 2009. Technically, our first date was the result of bet. I lost and was forced to accompany Michael to a horror movie (and I hate scary movies!). The rest is history. They say you shouldn't date someone you work with, but in this case, it worked out perfectly!  And funny story, but we actually work together NOW, at the same company.  That’s confusing….we work at the SAME company, but its different from the one we met at J  That clear things up?
And I’m going to cheat a little here, and use our descriptions of each other from our wedding website.  I think they’re cute, and if we can use them again, why not?

About Michael (written by Megan):

Well, what can I say about Michael? Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does! He cooks, he cleans, he’s a closet neat freak. Although closet neat freak is misleading since everything is neat and tidy EXCEPT his closet. He puts up with all my crazy ideas (which is not easy), and then usually helps me accomplish them while laughing at me, but that’s ok. He love’s playing soccer, watching the Maverick’s play basketball, and torturing our poor puppy by stealing her bones. He’s hard at work right now finishing his master’s degree at UNT, but should be finishing this summer. He’s a political junky so you will always find Fox News on at our house and his radio station tuned to Hannity or Mark (Levin for those of you who don’t know). He’s an amazing person and I can’t WAIT to marry him!

About Megan (written by Michael):

Megan is one of a kind! She is a country girl at heart who would rather be riding her horse than dealing with stupid city people. She spends most days sleeping as long as possible, drinking iced tea, and watching Criminal Minds marathons. She loves to read and typically blows through 3-5 books a week, which basically keeps in business.  Megan owns several guns even though she doesn’t go hunting, and she's probably a better shot than me! Megan's sense of humor is very unique. While I sometimes don't understand it, she's made me laugh every day since we met.

Oh!  And we can’t forget Sarah! 

The above picture is not an illusion.  That IS one gigantic dog bed.

Sarah is a 60 pound rescue puppy that we adopted about two years ago.  We believe she is a cross between a red heeler and German short-haired pointer.  She does look a little scared in the above picture, but usually she is a very happy puppy.  She has come a loooooooonggggggg way since we first had her.  She was very timid, would run and hide under the bed, we could barely take her on a walk without her jumping at her own shadow kind of puppy.  But now I call her my little social butterfly!  She plays well with all dogs (I usually call her a little instigator since I know she starts things but doesn’t seem to get caught), is getting her fill of playing with kids thru our younger relatives,  and while still timid, she will usually creep back out of the bedroom because she just can’t stand missing out on anything. 

That’s US in a nutshell!  Hopefully you’re not too put off by it…..

Up next, the Venue!

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