Monday, August 13, 2012

Rehearsal: Dinner

Rehearsal dinner was probably one of the easiest decisions we made concerning the wedding.  First, we limited our options to either a backyard bbq, unique New Braunfels restaurant (The Gristmill or Gruene River Grill), or a local Seguin restaurant (*cough*El Ranchito*cough*).  Backyard bbq was omitted almost immediately due to July weather conditions in Texas (please see 5 Day Weather Forecast for examples).  The unique New Braunfels restaurant option soon followed due to the driving distance from Luling, where our rehearsal was going to be held, which is a good 45 minute trip one way. 

After eliminating our other two options, a local Seguin restaurant soon became our only way to go.  Our decision was based purely on convenience and guest comfort.  From here, it just got easier.  Our only option that would be large enough to hold roughly 40 people AND would take some sort of reservation was El Ranchito.  Mexican and margaritas (my favorites!) soon became the theme to our rehearsal dinner.

We talked with our friends and caught up with the long distance family that we had also invited to the dinner.  It was really a lot of fun getting to see everybody gathered together.  We also had decided that we would pass out our bridal party and parent gifts here, even though Michael did forget to give his parent’s gift to them that night, and had to give it to them the next day.

For the parents, we gave the obligatory picture frame.  I used the picture we had taken with the 7.14.12 banner.  I guess I could have used one of our engagement photos, but honestly, this one is my favorite.  I liked that it includes our puppy and one of the banners I had made (side note: tried taking a picture with props at the wedding, but completely forgot!), and I liked the way it went better with the frame that I had picked (barnwood).  We also promised them one of the wedding pictures, whichever they wanted.

The groomsmen received their ties for the next day, as well as a pilsner glass.  Michael hand picked each of these for the groomsmen.  Bonus points if you can decide which glass went to which groomsman!

For the girls, I had already decided what I wanted to do early on.  I had been perusing the internet (cough*Pinterest*cough) one day, when I found the bridesmaid’s survival kit.  I decided I would combine that with the Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer.  I picked out a color for each girls, and then filled the plastic zipper areas with lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other odds and ends I found in the dollar toiletries section at Target.

I think the rehearsal dinner went very well, I just wish we had more pictures to share!  The waitstaff was excellent and kept the margaritas flowing, which kept the party going!  Stay tuned for the third and final installment for Friday evening: Rehearsal After Party!