Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Or like the Yuppies call it…..Upcycling.  It’s all the rage now. *cough*sarcasm*cough*

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No really, it is!  To us common people, it’s more about recycling things for another purpose (cheaply!) then it is about going out and spending lots of money on something that has been Upcycled for you.  I realize you wouldn’t think we would be repurposing anything after gutting cleaning out our house, but there were a few wedding mementos I had always intended to be saved and changed into something we could use/cherish afterwards.

1. Framed monograms for ceremony arches

You can see the framed P hanging from the arch behind the guys.....

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with these for a while.  Worst case scenario was that the P’s would get tossed, and I would save the frame’s to display wedding photos.  Then I started thinking how great it would be to add burlap throw pillows to our couch.  After that it was just a snow ball effect of combining burlap pillows with the monograms, a la the ring bearer pillow.  I thought the combination of burlap with the monogram would be a great addition to our couch!

Ooops, looks like it was upside down.  Haha, oh well.  My cousin did so good.

So my intention is to sew two burlap pillow cases, somehow attach the P’s, and then admire them on our couch.  I think they’ll look great!  Plus, I can use the empty picture frame’s to display some of our wedding pictures!

2. Wedding cards

Luckily, I saw this pin on Pinterest BEFORE the bridal showers and wedding, or our cards would have probably ended up in the trash.  As of right now, they’re safe and sound in a perfectly sized plastic tote, and will remain there until I get around to doing this.

Image via SomethingTurquoise

3. White and gold framed “P” on cake table

My original repurposing plan was to paint the frame to match our living or bedroom.  Honestly, the more I look at it, the more I like it as is, so not sure I’ll be making any changes to it.  Instead of repurposing, perhaps this is just moving?  Or not selling it?  You’re call, either way, keeping it with minimal changes.  I think the wire to hang it runs width wide and I will need to change that to length wide. 

4. Chandelier and small blue mason jars

Image via Etsy

Now, this was not something that was featured at the wedding.  After seeing the above inspiration picture, I had every intention of making this.  I bought the below chandelier from SaveOnCrafts, had accidentally bought four pint sized mason jars (instead of the quart sized needed for the centerpieces), and was fully prepared to convert my plain chandelier into the above. 

Image via SaveOnCrafts

But it just. Never. Happened.  I was slightly upset, but it’s almost as if the universe was saying no Megan, that’s enough.  First, I didn’t have the right tool to cut off the metal spikes that would hold the candle; second, I couldn’t seem to find anywhere to hang it where it would look good at the venue; third, Michael was always against it.  Oh well.  You can’t always get your way, even if you are the bride.  I am determined to complete this project though.  Even if it is just to see how it turns out.

As you can tell, just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean that I am done diy’ing.  I think that completing these projects, studying for my state certification test, trying to find a job, and unpacking/organizing our apartment should keep me from getting bored anytime soon.  If not, there’s always the puppy to walk. 

So much for taking a break……

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