Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rehearsal: Setup & Rehearsing

My original understanding with Zedler Mill was that we would have access to it all day on Friday, which would give us the extra desperately needed time to set up the tables, chairs, plates, and napkins.  Unfortunately, a few weeks before the actual weekend, we realized this was not to be.  We wouldn’t be able to get the keys until 5 o’clock.  The venue had drawn a hard line in the sand, and there would be no way around this.  So we adjusted our timeline accordingly and came up with the below.

5:00pm – setup what we can
6:00pm – rehearsal
7:00pm – leave for restaurant
7:30pm – rehearsal dinner
9:00pm – have fun at local bars
9:00pm – return to Zedler to finish setting up

We managed to get the keys to Zedler at 4pm (the lady was literally calling my mom to ask why we hadn’t picked them up yet, meaning we could have had access earlier to the venue; miscommunication much?), and started unpacking the stuff by 4:15.  By 5 o’clock, a small army of people showed up to help.  Within an hour the tables and chairs were setup according to the floorplan, tablecloths, plates, and napkins were in place, and people were putting the finishing touches on the cake table.  It was amazing to watch and there’s no way I can possibly thank all the friends and family who showed up to make that hour so productive!


And just like that, “9:00pm – have fun at local bars” was back on the table!  But first we had to rehearse.

Reverend Ron was able to attend and conduct our rehearsal, after meeting him a mere two weeks(!) before the wedding.  It went pretty smoothly, which is the way he intended it I’m sure.  Like he said, he had done this many times before so I was more then willing to turn the reins over to him.  He first talked to Michael and me to make sure he had all the details.  Then we gathered the troops so that he could show us where we would end up standing once we had processed.

It was pretty easy.  We weren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary in our ceremony, so after starting about 10 minutes late, we were done by 6:45.  Perfect!  It gave us just enough time to give out last minute directions to the non-locals, discuss a few leftover details for the Mill, and make it to the restaurant before my stomach decided to start eating my insides from starvation!

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