Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Decorating

Tradition in my family is that you spend the weekend after Turkey Day setting up the Christmas tree and any other decorations you might have.  I am no disappointment to this family tradition.  I especially like it since we have more then just the tree as far as decorations go.  I figure if your going to go to all the effort of setting them up, you might as well enjoy them for a month before you have to take them down.

After much debating about where the tree was going to go in our tiny apartment, we finally settled on an area and began assembly.  It's still a little sad looking, but I refuse to buy a new one until we have a house.  Our Charlie Brown tree will just have to work one or two more years.

It's sparsley populated with ornaments as well good reason other then we're cheap.  What are ya gonna do?

I had debated setting up my tiny village, but after a little encouragement from Michael, I finally decided to go for it.

My new addition this year was our stocking holders from Hobby Lobby:

And this NOEL sign I made was also an addition.  I repurposed one of our framed P's from the wedding, and spray painted the frame red as well as the wooden letters that spelled NOEL.  I pretty much followed the same instructions as when I made our burlap picture display for the wedding as far as covering it in burlap, and then gluing the wooden letters to the burlap.

I'm still thinking about tackeling a burlap ruffle tree skirt, but this project will probably have to wait for another weekend.  And looking back on my pictures, I'm debating asking for a new camera.  I'm not really sure how much longer these iPhone pics are going to work for me :/


  1. I knew you would come back to that tree skirt. I looked at it the other day again myself, but I so hate working with burlap. You go girl.
    Everything was adorable.

  2. Everything looks great but I think its time for some matching stockings :)