Friday, May 11, 2012

Burlap Picture Display Tutorial

Normally, people have pictures of the couple from when their babies all the way thru the engagement displayed somewhere near the entrance, usually at the sign in/gift table. I thought that this was something we could easily incorporate into our wedding. It would be sweet and sentimental, and all the things I’m usually not.

Image via Etsy Seller ShabbyLikePearls

Image via Etsy Seller BelleVieHomeAccents

Why not just use one huge frame to display all of them? Seemed like a good idea to me. I already had plenty of the little things adding stacking up (glasses, utensils, PLATES!), and I wouldn’t have to worry about all these picture frame’s that I would have to buy, store until the wedding, and then pack back up again.

I gathered my supplies:

$4 frame! that I painted blue/burlap/foam board for backing/cork board/twine
*not pictured Earl

The frame opening was 2 foot by 2 foot, so I first cut the foam board to these measurements. I then mod podge’d the hell out of the cork board and the foam board and let it sit overnight with some assistance.

Next, I hot glued the burlap to the back of the foam board, making sure that the front was pulled tight over the cork board side so that the burlap didn’t hang loosely. After Earl’ing (aka gluing if your not following along) all four sides, I cut two pieces of twine and ran them parallel to each other on the front (burlap side), and then glued them to the back (foam board) at the top as well as the bottom.

Then, I added some cute little clothespins and tried it out!

Here it is in action! Works great! And now we have something after the wedding that we can use to display pictures. We really don’t have anything on our walls now, so that will be awesome later. Especially when we move into a house that’s bigger than a shoe box. Whenever that might be….

Does anybody like it? Or does it look like a 3 year old put it together?

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