Friday, June 8, 2012

B-Party @ The Coast!: We Pose

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not exactly the best picture taker in the world. Usually I a) don’t think about taking pictures or b) just use my iphone because it’s more convenient or even possibility c) have a camera and then never share the pictures with anyone. Wendy was able to circumvent all of these possibilities from happening by having her handy dandy water proof camera. When she first told me we could take the camera to the beach, I was thinking something more like this:

Michael and I have purchased this camera on more then one occasion for those summer toobing trips we take. They’re fun and cheap, but take TERRIBLE pictures. And the more river you float (read between the lines: the more beer you drink), the harder it gets to concentrate your eye thru that little hole and push the button. But when Wendy busted out this BAD BOY, I knew all our picture taking requirements would be met.

After seeing Wendy’s amazing camera, I knew we would have good pictures. And after witnessing her *enthusiasm* for actually taking the pictures, I knew that the camera wasn’t going to sit in the condo all weekend. My next concern was how were we going to share the pictures?

Well, lucky for us, Shutterfly allowed her to upload all the photos, and then share them thru a link in an email! How convenient! This is so awesome, I had no idea we could do this as far as sharing the pictures goes. I knew we could upload our own pics and store them there, but sharing them thru the website with everyone is very convenient. I will definitely be using this feature in the future (actually already did! Used the website to share the pics with everyone else on the trip!), since it also comes with a FREE account. It’s also a great site for ordering prints, creating photo albums, as well as random other things you might want a particular picture on.

I realize this isn’t a major breakthrough, but just wanted to share with everyone in case anyone else is as in the dark when it comes to technology as me.

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  1. So - um - on our vacation expecting tons of pic taking from you girlie.