Wednesday, June 6, 2012

B-Party @ the Coast!: We Travel

The only reason I’m even giving this part of the weekend its own post is because I think it was pretty interesting as far as the logistics of everybody involved. We were all coming from different parts of the state (well, other then me and N), but we were all finding different, eventful ways to get there.

A had to drive 5 hours to get there. And I honestly wasn’t sure when she was going to come, either Friday night or Saturday morning, but she ended up texting me Friday evening around 6pm saying she was on her way so that was a nice surprise!

B is currently residing in College Station and W is in Houston. B ended up driving an hour or so to Houston, and W took care of getting their Southwest tickets (btw, the ONLY way to fly). They were able to fly in and out of Harlingen for less then $100 each round trip, and they didn’t even have to switch flights.

I flew in around the same time as B and W. We were a few hours earlier then the other two, which gave us time to snag the rental car, cram our bags and groceries into the back, and head to the condo for a few hours (starting the weekend off right with some margaritas!) before coming back to pick up N. Don’t worry no drinking and driving occurred.

N is, of course, where it got interesting. Have you ever had that friend, where, if something goes wrong, it's going to happen to them? It's like chaos/randomness tends to follow them around. Anyways, I received a text around 3ish saying there had been a bomb threat at her school (she’s a teacher) and that they were in lock down. She was unsure if she would make her flight. *cue sad face

Now, this bad news was received about the time we were making a run to the liquor store, so I tried not to think about it too much, knowing that it was out of my control either way. However, around 5:30, we toasted N with our margaritas (it was a toast filled weekend) when we got another text saying she was boarding her plane and she would be there within a few hours!!!! I was ecstatic needless to say. We were able to use our new cups at this point, and we didn’t put them down all evening. What can I say? We were thirsty.

It was a win (A coming Friday night), win (N made her plane), win (we had margaritas) kind of night!

I think us trickling in worked out really well. The couple of us who were there early were able to go grocery and liquor store shopping, as well as get an early start to the weekend. It allowed us each to book our trips around our own work days, finals, or whatever we had to finish, and then all come together Friday night for a start to a great weekend.

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