Monday, April 2, 2012


In my post yesterday, I mentioned the wonderful world of Canton. Some of you might have taken a look at the calendar and realized that it was this past weekend! I love Canton. It’s great to go and wander around; you never know what you’re going to find. In the back of my mind, I knew there were a few items that I was looking forward to finding, but its really just luck of the draw if I find what I’m looking for and it’s marked at the price I want to pay.

I’m always looking for vintage china plates these days. Canton has been able to provide probably at least a third of the plates that we’ll be using come July 14th. Some deals are better then others, but on average I’ve spent about $2/dinner plate, and .50 cents/dessert plate at Canton. It’s probably my most expensive shopping venue for plates, but usually these are prettier.

Other things I have been on the lookout for are milk glass bud vases and blue mason jars. Ebay has been my main man for buying these because I was able to buy them in lots of 15-20, which was just easier, however Canton did provide about 15 bud vases for about $20! You just can’t beat that deal. I’ve also been able to find these blue mason jars that we will be using for centerpieces.

Last but not least are those random things. Like this little stand that I found to put a basket on top of(that I will be on the look out for now) to hold our programs:

Another random thing I have found at Canton are the below shutters. I have been on the hunt for them ever since finding a picture where someone stuck flower buds through the shutters. I’m thinking I’ll lean it against the guest sign in table or somewhere where it can be appreciated.

These things aren’t what most people would call necessary, however I think the addition of them are what will help to make our wedding day more us. And collecting them has been an added escapade along our wedding planning journey.

Where were you able to find all your wedding necessities? Did you like scouring the neighborhood antique store's or were you more hands on and shopped online?

P.S. Sorry for all the crappy iPhone pics. I'll get better at bringing my camera I swear!

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