Saturday, April 28, 2012

B Party at the Coast!

Thanks to my good friend/bridesmaid Wendy, I will be having the best Bachelorette Party EVER! And that is no exaggeration. Trust me. The chick knows how to throw a bachelorette party.

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The only big issue we had planning my b-party, was where? Where would this shindig be taking place? The reason this was such an issue was that half of my friends live in Dallas, half of my friends live in Seguin, and I have one lone little friend in Houston. No matter what, I had to take into consideration that somebody(s) would be traveling. And they would probably be traveling at least 4+ hours. Let’s face it folks, Texas is huge. I’m pretty sure we could fit most of New England inside of it.

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I had originally assumed that my options were limited to Seguin and Dallas. While I have had many a good time in my small town bar scene, I knew that Seguin wouldn’t exactly offer that party all night option. But I did think we could head to San Antonio or 6th Street in Austin. However, it would still cost a chunk of change if we decided to rent a hotel.

Dallas would offer us a lot more options as far as the night life goes. I also liked the idea of making it an all day type thing since some people would be traveling four hours to attend. I thought we could rent a party boat early afternoon, come back to the house for dinner, and then head out somewhere. This schedule was something I considered for both towns since I would have access to a boat in Seguin (we’re right next to the river!)

Let me reiterate, I knew that with either of these options, somebody was going to have to travel. That nagging thought was always in the back of my mind. And some have babies so if they were in the “wrong” town, probably wouldn’t be able to attend because they couldn’t travel. And let’s face facts. I have a very diverse group of friends. Some like to keep it low key and stay at home, some like to party until the sun comes up, and some probably wouldn’t be able to attend no matter where I decided because they are really busy with school and work. It is what it is, I’ve dealt with it and moved on.

So what was a girl to do? I was really on the fence with both ideas and didn’t know which way to go, until Wendy suggested South Padre. Yes! It just felt right….unlike the CARD box (yes, I will continue to use caps lock when spelling CARDS. It is that important), this felt like a bolt of lightening! I knew this was what we were supposed to do. Beach and relaxation is exactly what the Wedding Fairy ordered!

We will be spending 3 lovely nights in this four-plex:

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We booked completely online using VacationRentals. So far, their service has been excellent and prompt. They even called immediately to confirm the rental. Hopefully, we don’t have any issues. Anyways, on to the fun stuff!

It has its own pool with no “no lights out by a certain time” rule, its walking distance to the beach, and pretty close to local bars and shops. There are enough beds for six, plus an air mattress and two bathrooms! Wendy and I are by no means high maintenance, but after a ski trip gone wrong (8 people, 1 bathroom, you do the math), we knew our one requirement was two bathrooms. We were willing to pay the money for that extra commodity, which is saying a lot. She is definitely as cheap as me.

Now, as far as I know, nothing crazy is planned. I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend on the beach, with some fun late nights spent somewhere. However, Wendy is very good at keeping secrets, and she does have everyone’s email addresses that will be attending. Oh well, at least we’ll have a driver (my little sister is only 20).

How crazy could it be? Famous last words, anyone?

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