Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This weekend we went from this two bedroom house located in the concrete jungle of Dallas, Texas:

Pictured here is my parting gift from my friend Crazy in Dallas!  This is our little spicy Burrito.  He was a pinata bought for Cinco de Mayo, then used as a cubicle decoration for my birthday nineteen days later.  I've decided he's my first classroom decoration for when I (fianlly!) manage to get a teaching job.

To this small quaint apartment on the banks of “lake” Dunlap (aka it’s a river that gets a little wider right above the dam):
It will be a little cramped, and we’ll need to adjust to the apartment life after spending over eighteen months in an actual house, but we just have to keep reminding ourselves that this is *fingers crossed* our last apartment home.

We made the drive from Dallas to New Braunfels in pretty good time even with the Budget truck maximum speed staying at 65 mph.  I drove Michael’s truck with the puppy as my only passenger, and Michael towed my 4Runner behind the moving truck.  After we FINALLY made it to the apartments, we ended up sitting and waiting on the maintenance man after trying TWO sets of keys to get into our new apartment.  It turns out the lock on our door was recalled at some point because sometimes it just decides to not unlock, which is what caused the problem for us.  About an hour long problem for us to be exact.

Anyways, we finally got in.  YEAH!!!!  It was hot outside.  Within an hour, the living room of our new apartment looked like this:

By the end of the day, it honestly didn’t look much better.  Michael worked on the bedroom and I worked on the kitchen.  Empty boxes were flying, but I don’t feel like much progress was made until Sunday:

You can at least see a living room starting to take shape.  I had also finished the kitchen, which really helped get rid of some of the boxes that were lying around, taking up valuable space.  On Monday, the cable guy came to hook up the TV’s and internet.  After taking FOUR HOURS to complete the installation, we finally had internet and Olympic Game view ability.  GO TEAM USA!  By Monday night, we not only had walking pathways, but an actual living space in the living room!

I know if you’re looking at the above picture, you’re like what?  Really Megan?  There are still boxes and drum set pieces all over the place!  See below for further explanation.

1. Move
2. Return moving truck
3. Cable Installation
4. Move stuff to storage unit

You can tell from the list, we have one more thing to take care of before we can begin to put the finishing touches on the apartment.  We’ve also learned that finding a storage unit around here is a little cut throat, so wish us luck!  Hopefully I can start posting some finished pictures of the apartment instead of the unorganized mess shown above.


  1. I only wish moving my parents house had been that simple....
    Your view is amazing! Can't wait to visit!

  2. I think it looks great compared to Saturday!!!!