Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cleaning House

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Ummm…..maybe not if you know me at all.  More like this:

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But to a lesser extent.  That’s right folks!  Everything must go!  I love throwing stuff out.  The same way we managed to accumulate all our wedding crap is the same way we’re getting rid of a few odds and ends that have worn out their welcome at our house.

I realize I left you hanging with my last post, but our move is right around the corner (this weekend!) and between the wedding last weekend, and packing everything for the move, I haven’t had a lot of time to share.  We’ve listed a few things on Craig’s List, added a few wedding leftovers to the Weddingbee classifieds, and seen if any friends or family wanted any of the other items that are in good shape.  I’ve created a price list for all the wedding stuff that can be sold, and will start trying to get rid of the bud vases, mason jars, a various other oddities as soon as we move this weekend.  The rest has made a small pile on our living room floor, and it will be making its way to Goodwill or Salvation Army later this week.

We I decided early on that anything that was “upgraded” or replaced with a gift from our registry would also be left behind.  That’s right folks, we’re leaving casualties and we’re not looking back!  Blenders, tea makers, and old bedding will be left behind!  I’ve thrown out numerous pillows that we seem to have accumulated for some unknown reason, clothes and shoes that haven’t been worn in the 6+ month window rule that I strictly enforce, as well as old appliances that somehow have managed to make it this long even though we only paid $6 for them at Wal-Mart (I'm looking at you Toaster Boy).

For people who are minimalists to begin with, and can’t ever seem to find anything to throw out after watching a good episode of Hoarders, we sure have a lot of old junk!  However, after this weekend, we will officially start over (sans old stuff accumulated from college and life before marriage) after moving into our new apartment in New Braunfels, Texas!  After taking my Science 8-12 certification test late August, I’ll start the process of changing my name.  I’ve already started the application process for multiple teaching positions in the area, and hopefully I can start my new job as Mrs. Pierson!

Exciting stuff ahead!  Stay tuned.

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