Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Flashback: Getting Ready

This post will be more picture heavy then word heavy.  There's not a lot to be said other then the girls (and I) had already gotten our hair done, and were working on our makeup when the photographer arrived.  She took a few pics of us doing that, then we jumped right in to getting dressed:

Brandi and Wendy helped get me into my dress:

Amy helped me put my belt on:

Wendy and Bridget laughed as I tried to put my boots on:

Wendy finally took pity on me and helped me out:

Oh, and a quick shot of my something old (Great Grandmother's bible), something new (the hankerchief), something borrowed (pearl ring), and something blue (blue garter).  And a sixpence in her shoe!

 And with that we were ready:

Meanwhile, the guys were lounging around downstairs, waiting on us:

Apparently enjoying cookies.......oh well.

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