Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Burlap Bunting

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Bunting is a HUGE wedding trend right now.  And we all remember how much I like wedding trends right?  Description words often used when describing weddings that incorporated bunting are “whimsical”, “vintage”, and “playful”.  While I’ve grown accustomed to vintage, and playful is always fun, whimsical is what really throws me off.  Whenever I think of whimsical, I see fairies frolicking in the woods.  Or on a stage: 

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That is something I was not ok with at our wedding.  Not.  At.  All. *Scary*

However, I have been onboard with burlap bunting signs…..I know it doesn’t seem that different then “whimsical” bunting.  But it is.  I promise.

Image via Etsy 

Image via Etsy

Image via Etsy 

Especially when I added my own special twist, i.e. the Texas shaped spacers like below. 

As you can see, I have been hard at work and not hard at sharing.  Well, not really hard at work.  This project was relatively easy, other then the mental anguish of talking myself into pulling out the iron to get this project started.  But I digress.  The supplies that I conveniently had on hand to create the project included burlap, pellon, scissors, triangle pattern, and my trusty sewing machine.  Once again, there are no pictures documenting this project because I SUCK at taking pictures.  Even though I completed this project three different times, each time I managed to forget my camera.  Since I plan on continuing to blog, even now that the wedding is done, I HAVE to get better at taking pictures.

First, I ironed the pellon and burlap together.  The pellon helps keep the burlap from fraying, as well as makes it heavier so that it hangs better.

Next, I traced the triangle pattern on the back of the pellon.  Sketching the triangles like a puzzle helped to optimize the space, as well as creating fewer sides to cut.  This is really helpful as your hand starts to cramp when trying to cut thru 2 thick layers of material.

Finally, I folded the thick edge at the top over, creating a hole to run the twine thru.  Tada!  Burlap bunting!

And now that our wedding is over, I can show you how we displayed some of it.  Saturday, as the finishing touches were put into place around our venue, I received picture updates from Michael, often featuring my brother who was a HUGE help that day, even if he does make an unconventional version of Vanna White.

 (Welcome sign hung from the roof)

(Thank You sign behind guest table)

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