Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pictures In A Field: Live Version

A.k.a. I actually took my ideas and did them. 

Now that the wedding is over, I can show you some of the awesome pictures from my bridal shoot.  Sounds fancy, right?  Remember the title?  They were in a field….  Filled with cow poop.  Trust me, not all that fancy.

Props included this cool couch taken out of my Papa’s Party House:

Pictured here was my muscle and ride for the day, my Dad and Uncle.  They took care of carrying this couch that weighed a ton, and driving us all around to the different locations.

And this lovely diva, Holly Bay:

She was the best live horse prop a girl could have.  Stood still for the pictures, picked her head up when asked, and didn’t even spook from my dress!  Amazing!  I sound surprised, but like they say (whomever they might be), when working with live animals and kids, you just never know what might happen.

The infamous couch picture.

I think this is Michael’s favorite since he posted it on Facebook.  Apparently I give him this look often.

This picture was taken right before my dad realized there was a water moccasin playing in the creek.  As soon as he yelled “snake!”, I was done with this location.  Anyways, I’ll let the rest of the pictures tell their own stories.

And finally a picture with my boots!  My favorite accessory.

**All pictures courtesy of Dawn's Photography.


  1. LOVE it! Oz said that you look like you have a lot of attitude in the pic Michael put on facebook. I told him it's b/c you do, duh! Good luck with the move this weekend.

  2. You know I LOVE that one of you and your horse. These are great. And yeah - there is 1 pic here with you showing some real attitude. That's my girl.

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