Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting Our Marriage On

Well folks!  We’re almost legal!

On our way out of Dallas last Friday, we stopped by the Dallas County Courthouse to turn in our documents and get our marriage certificate.  Michael completed the Online Marriage Application beforehand, so it was as easy as showing proof of ID, paying our $71 (which, by the way, was cash only so beware of that!) and snapping this pic in the truck as we drove away:


We would have only paid $11 ($60 of the fee would have been waived) if we had taken one of the approved courses, but we figured we would just wing it.

Hey!  All you need is love, right?

P.S. Yeah!!!!!  I can finally blog again from work!!!!  Ha!  Guess I shouldn't be saying that online, but oh well.  Nobody from work reads this, and if they do, oh well.  Finally, I can start posting consistently again!

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