Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pictures in a Field

I am by no means photogenic. A lot of girls say this, and don’t really mean it. I, however, REALLY mean it. The idea of taking pictures of me, myself, and I has no allure to me I mean, I would literally rather stick a hot poker in my eye, than take pictures. Just take a look at my aunt and uncle’s wedding photos. Well, I’d rather you not. Those pictures still haunt me.

So the idea of bridal portraits was something I was hoping to skip. But, it’s a southern tradition, and if there is one thing I have learned while being engaged, it’s that tradition must live on; whether you like it or not. Like most traditions we have incorporated into our wedding, I have of course, added my own little spin on it.

Searching for inspiration on where to take my bridal portraits, I stumbled across these:

How amazing are these? Rather then take my portraits in a studio somewhere; why not take them in the great outdoors? I have a field! And a barn! And I have access to an antique couch! I can totally make these happen.

I’ve talked to my photographer and she thinks these are very doable. She actually sounded pretty excited thru the email exchanges. Or maybe that was just me. Either way, I’m making it happen.

I also have access to a horse! I would love to use one of my own horses, but one is rather young and the other is partially blind, and I don’t think either would do well with a wedding gown. But there are plenty in reserve at my dad’s house, and he offered to pretty up one of the many others he has, and let me borrow another one. It will still be plenty sentimental, I rode the one we’ll be using for a couple years when I was younger.

I can’t wait to see how my pictures turn out, especially with them scheduled to take place in just a few short weekends. And then it’s my Bachelorette Party!

I have two more weekends to enjoy in Dallas before things get crazy. I can’t decide if I’m nervous about the pictures, anxious about completing my laundry list of diy's, or excited about EVERYTHING. Either way, its making my stomach hurt.

What makes your stomach churn? Should I start taking some Tums to ease the pain?

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  1. You are totally on the right path. Posed pictures are just not much fun. The ones I kept from Jaclyn's and Michaels wedding and had framed we more the odd ones. Look at the ones we liked of your engagement pictures - casual - fun, quirkly. Hope you let us take some family pics like that too - fun and totally unposed - maybe by the horse???