Friday, October 5, 2012

Wedding Flashback: The Details

I had every intention of setting up all my crazy ideas myself, plus any volunteers. I figured there would be a couple. But when it came down to it, most of the work was done by Michael, my brother, and Cristy (the flower lady, who happens to be a friend of my aunts). Throughout the day, I received texts asking "is this right?" or "what did you want done with this?", which would then be followed by a picture, usually with my brother modeling in some ridiculous pose.

I only had to stop by for an hour or so in the afternoon to put the finishing touches on the drink bar. And, just like that, everything came together.

The drink bar (above) was my favorite "detail".  If you remember, I started with a vague idea of what I wanted, and was lucky enough to find the two whiskey barrels.  It was AWESOME!  And everybody seemed to love it!

The coffee station (with the vintage tea and coffee cups):

The vintage place settings for the tables:

The "Come as you are" chalkboard sign stating there was no seating plan:

The window chalkboard drink menu and tubs that held the beer:

Honestly, some of these details where just thoughts that were jumbled in my head so it took a little fiddling around with to get the look I wanted.  The good thing was that I had pictures of what I wanted where, which really helped.  I was able to send a pic of "inspiration" to Nathan and Michael, and they were able to make it happen.  My brother even MADE the drink bar table Saturday morning.  (He was SUPPOSED to have made it the week before, but as he reminded me, beggers can't be choosers.  Therefore, I got it Saturday morning after many threats.)

Up next, getting ready.


  1. Did you have a bartender at your wedding or did you have a serve your self kind of set up? I am getting married at Zedler's Mill in Oct. 2015 so I am looking for advice from other brides that have gotten married there.

  2. We had it as a self serve type set up. The drink dispensers were filled with water and tea, and sodas and beer were iced down in water troughs on the back porch facing the river. People were able to walk up and grab whatever they wanted.