Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chalkboard Signs

As you can tell from my posts, the DIY's are starting to add up. Not money wise, because we're saving tons there (I promise, babe!), but all the stuff is starting to literally pile up in our second bedroom. I haven't even told you about the burlap table runners, bridal brooch bouquet, and our picture display. These are all diy's that have either been finished, or are in the process of being finished by yours truly.

But today, I want to address Michael's next question (Oh, that man is just full of questions these days), “Megan, how are our people going to know to write their name on the label?” And yes, we still refer to our guests as “our people”. Are we really the only ones that do this? I digress.

Funny you should ask Michael, because I found this handy dandy picture to help our guests out:

Image Source

Even though the rational side of me was thinking, “really? You need a sign to tell you to put your name on your glass?” The bride inside me was saying, “What a cute sign! I must have this at my wedding!” So cute in fact, that when I came across the sign below, I knew how I would display it as well.

Image via Etsy / Seller AndTheSignSays

I had already procured chalkboard spray paint on one of my many visits to Hobby Lobby, since I just new I was going to need it at some point. I then took my time finding two frames’s that were the right size, as well as having the right look. The black one (which will tell you to take a seat wherever you want), was bought from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon, and the silver one (which will tell you to write your name on your cup), was bought at Michael’s when their frames were on sale. Or maybe I used a coupon, I can’t remember. Either way, it was 40% off as well.

personal photo

While at Michael’s, I also bought enough foam board to fill each of the frames. Luckily enough, nothing had to be engineered together because my two picture frame openings were small enough and required only one board each. I also snagged a chalkboard pen. I wanted to be sure to get one that could easily wipe off in case 1. I messed up either of the signs, and 2. try it out to see if this would work better then regular chalk for the cups (jury is still out, I’ll let you know the outcome when I buy some chalk).

At last, I had all my supplies.

personal photo

After gathering my supplies, I cut the foam board to size for each frame. I then picked a pretty afternoon and sprayed my foam boards.

I don’t have any special insight into spray painting other then read the instructions. However, when it says “spray in a sweeping motion beginning off the surface and continuing off other side”, do it. At first I tried half-assing it and didn’t go all the way off the sides, but doing this created huge blotches on the edges of my foam board. I think one coat would have been ok, but with my first coat creating darker patches on the edges, I went with a second coat to even it out.

personal photo

The last step is going to be figuring out how to attach the foam board to the frame. I tried packing tape, but after a couple hours, it came loose. Another idea I had was a small finishing nail bent over the foam board. I might have to put Michael on that small detail. I’m sure he can come up with something :)

Have you ever started a project, only to realize at the end that you need a little bit of help? Or another visit to the craft store? :/

*Note: If doing a lot of diy’s, your second home will become your local craft store. For a while, I was going every. Single. Weekend. It was ridiculous.

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