Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mason Jar's & DIY's

When it was first suggested to me to use mason jars as center pieces, I had been reading wedding blogs for a couple months. I quickly scoffed at the idea and said I would not be jumping on that wedding trend train.

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Not only will we be using blue mason jars for centerpieces, but we're also going to be using pint sized jars for drinking glasses.

Image Source / Photographed by Michael Howard

The drinking glasses were actually my first idea (after the initial suggestion) for using mason jars at our wedding. I remembered eating at this restaurant when I was a kid, and I thought it was the coolest thing when they served us our drinks in mason jars. So I figured if I was going to have mason jars at my wedding, I was going to at least use them for what they were originally intended. Drinking moonshine! Just kidding....mostly. Anyways, in our case, we'll be using them for beer! And wine. Ok, ok they can be used to drink nonalcoholic drinks as well. But I don't recommend it. Unless you’re underage, in which case I don’t endorse under-age drinking! Drink some lemonade.

After I had decided to use mason jars for our drinking glasses, my next conundrum was raised when Michael asked, “But how will they know which glass is there’s?”. Well, since you asked Michael...I also found these cute pictures while scouring Etsy.

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Now, the heart shaped labels weren’t exactly me, but I was pretty sure I had seen the more rustic shaped label at Hobby Lobby. So away I went with my 40% off coupon and managed to pick up this punch for under $10:

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I also ordered some chalkboard contact paper from Amazon for $8.39:

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As well as hunted down around 18 dozen pint sized mason jars via Craigslist for $110. Total for all supplies was roughly $128.39 (I don’t remember exactly what I paid for the punch).

After I had gathered all my supplies, I sat in front of the TV and punched 216 of those suckers out. Then, we peeled the backing off, and stuck the adhesive side of the label to 18 dozen mason jars. We broke this step up into a couple Saturday afternoons. Each session didn’t take long, we just got tired of peeling the backing off. And this is what we ended up with!

*personal photo

So cute! I can’t wait to use them for the wedding! Even more exciting, is I’ll get to use these after the wedding for little projects I’ve found on Pinterest! Can’t wait!

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Did you start a project for your wedding and realize half way thru that you could use it after the wedding as well?

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