Friday, May 4, 2012

Burlap CARDS Sign

The other day I showed you my new card holder with the sign I made:

I think I’m going to go with the banner clothes pinned to twine instead of clipped directly to the basket. It gives it a little more flare.

I’m not really sure where this great idea came from, other then my brain must have stolen the burlap pennants from this picture….

Image via Etsy / Seller BellasBunting

..…and fused it with my love for these tiny clothespins!

Image via Etsy / Seller SoPurdyCreations

I wanted to share with you just how easy it was to do.

Your Supplies:
wooden letters
whatever color paint you want
paint brush
Tacky Glue
triangle stencil cut to the size you want

First, I infused the burlap with pellon. In layman’s terms (for those non-crafters out there), I ironed my burlap to my pellon. Burlap is a very flimsy fabric to work with; infusing it with the pellon makes it thicker and stronger. The pellon comes with directions as far as which side to iron to the fabric, so don’t worry. And just an FYI, pellon can be bought at craft stores or most Wal-Marts that have a fabric department.

Next, I traced the triangle 5 times onto the pellon side. Even though I have an abundance of that messy material these days, I traced the triangles in the below pattern to conserve fabric. After that, I cut the triangles out.

Personal Picture

In the mean time, I had painted my wooden letters black. I let the letters set for an hour or so to dry after the first coat, and then painted them with a second coat.

Finally, I used tacky glue to stick the letters to the triangles. I generously applied a strip of the glue on to the backside of each letter, centered the letter in the middle of the pennant, and pressed firmly.

Ta Da! A burlap pennant CARDS sign. Easy as pie.

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  1. You really are very, very crafty. AMAZINGGGG