Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have Your People Call My People

Just kidding, I’ll still answer your phone call. Maybe (sorry Dad!). But seriously, I mean it. I’m booked for the next two months. And after that, I think I’m taking a few weeks off from everything other then my kindle and a chair by the pool. Other then work, I’m not doing nothin’ but reading and being a wife. That sounds really weird. But like I mentioned to Michael the other day, as long as things keep rolling like they have for the last (almost!) three years of our relationship, I’m pretty sure we’ll be just fine.

This weekend starts the final two monthish stretch to the wedding. I’ll be finishing some of the little details this weekend in Seguin (that I can share with you next week!), and next weekend I’ll be in South Padre. Then we go back to Seguin, and then Florida. Me and the car are going to become VERY good friends. I’m sure we’ll be bffe’s after this summer.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Hopefully this is the last summer I have to spend on that concrete hell they call Highway 35. And coming to Dallas is how I met Michael, so that’s a good thing….haha it’s a great thing! It’s crazy to think how the little decisions I made along the way has lead me to where I am.

Just think about it. What tiny decision did you make at some point in your life, that if you had done the opposite, your life would be completely different? And honestly, probably not had as good of a life as you have now?

A lot of people are filled with regret when they ask “what if?”

That is the last emotion that comes to my mind (oxymoron anyone? Hint: emotions don’t originate in the mind!) when I ask that question. I’m just glad I had the guts to make the move, or my life would not be as great as it is now, that is DEFINITELY for sure.

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