Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Ode to Michael's

No, not my fiancé Michael. This Ode (minus the rhyming scheme and poem format) is for the large crafting conglomerate that has also stood by my side and stolen my heart for the last eleven months.

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You are the glue stick to my hot glue gun. You are the thread to my bobbin. You are the glitter to my cardstock. You are the tulle to my bow.

Oh how I love thee, Michael. Let me count the ways.

You are conveniently located less then five miles from my house. All I have to do is jump on the toll way and it takes me directly to your doorstep. Your close proximity has aided some of my failed attempts at DIY. You make it so easy to try again.

Your giving attitude also has your doors open seven days a week. I guess the Crafting God's have deemed that they do not need a day of rest, which is fine by me. Sunday's you can usually find me short on some necessity to finish my latest project, and you are always there to lend a hand, or a glue stick, or some other piece of crap that I just have to have.

Not only do you persist with your doors wide open seven days a week in a location that I can reach in less then ten minutes, but you do it with a grace and affordability that none other possess. You offer 40% off of my highest priced item! What more could a bargain shopper ask for? You even do it with an affinity for the environment by offering the coupon thru your smart phone app. The checkers will scan the bar code directly from my phone, no paper copy needed.

Convenience and affordability aside, your vast resources that you make available to me for any crafting whim are what make you my favorite. Aisle after aisle, which at sometimes can be overwhelming, hold everything my Pinterest fueled DIY imagination could possibly come up with. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

No one comes close to holding a candle to you, oh Great Crafting Mecca. You have been with me thru the hard times as I wandered aisle after aisle, trying to figure out what I would need to complete some project; and the good times (when I found that AMAZING frame for $4!!). You have stood by me, and for that I write this Ode to you. I can only hope you feel the same way for me as I do for you.

What’s your favorite place to visit? Do you have an unnatural love for it?


  1. Do not dismiss Hobby Lobby - come on

    1. True. The do have a fabric section and Michaels doesn't. But they're closed on Sundays!