Thursday, May 31, 2012


On the radio this morning, they were talking about the newly released divorce rate statistics. Did you know that 54% of 1st time marriages end in divorce? I realize everyone is aware of the whole “one in two marriages end in divorce” saying, but at some point you just kind of hope that little tidbit is a myth. Know what I’m saying?

And don’t even think about remarrying divorcees. If you were to remarry, the divorce rate jumps up to 60something percent. And don’t get to thinking the third time is the charm. Entering your third marriage jumps the divorce rate up ANOTHER 10 percent to 75%. How do you even average that out if one person is in their first marriage and the other person in their second?

One other statistic I found ridiculous was that 30% of women new from the start their marriage wasn’t going to last. How is that possible? You know its not going to last but yet you do it anyways? That’s as if you know the stove is hot, but you just have to touch it to make sure. You’re going to get burned! Step away from the wedding dress!

Are people so scared to be alone that they will just jump willy nilly into a marriage they know is doomed from the beginning? There are 7 BILLION people on this earth. I promise you won’t be alone forever if you drop that dirt bag you’ve been with for the last 2 years and raise your standards a little bit. There’s no need to rush into these things, we live a long time these days people.

Hopefully I didn’t piss anybody off with my comments. The cynic in me is rearing its ugly head today. I’ll try to type some happy thoughts tomorrow.


  1. I actually like your comments as it states YOU are going into this marriage with a "forever" attitude, and since you are marrying my son, whom I love more than life itself, then it makes me feel good to know you feel like this.

  2. Ummm..... The wedding is still on, right ?

  3. haha, of course its still on. We have to add to the 46% of people who successfully marry the FIRST time!

    1. I heard this on the radio that morning also. Crazy! Hopefully we stay in the good half :)