Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kickin It Old School

I fought it tooth and nail in the beginning. I hated labels (if you remember) and didn't want them applied to our wedding. Still don't for that matter. The straw that finally broke the camels back (my poor, tired, worn out back!) was when I went for my dress alterations. When I first arrived, Penny (the nicest woman ever who did my alterations) had me change into my gown. And you know what her first comment was? Well, after telling me how great I looked? She quickly followed the compliment with "I love it! It's so vintage!" And that’s all she wrote folks! I quit fighting and just accepted it, vintage would be a part of our wedding.

My name is Megan Henderson, and I like vintage crap.

Soooooooooooo, now that I’ve faced the music, we'll be kickin it old school down south at the Henderson-Pierson wedding. And I can't wait!

We'll be surrounded by a combination of vintage table decor including milk glass bud vases and turquoise mason jars, and country chic (real description, I swear!) burlap table runners will run the length of the tables.

Our people guests (still working on that) will be eating BBQ off of vintage china plates and drinking beer and wine out of pint sized mason jars.

I'm not ashamed. We're Country where I'm from. And the great thing about being Country (Country is being used as a name, dang autocorrect, so yes it does deserve to be capitalized!)? It’s back in style! And THANK GOODNESS, I might add.

It's a trend. I get it. But this trend is sooooo much better then others gone past.

I.e. mustaches:

Image Source

I'm not even kidding, this is a real picture from somebody's real wedding. I see regrets in their future when looking back at these pics with their kids.

Tiered wedding cakes with bridges displaying the entire wedding party:

Image Source

I think a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, maybe not this one word: NO!

And celebrity weddings that can't make it past the next full moon:

Image Source

Really Kim? You MADE that cash money off your wedding and you couldn’t stay married longer then 75 days? It took you longer to wiggle your way into that dress then it did for you to wiggle your way out of that sham of a marriage.

Too harsh? Maybe. But totally deserved.

I can honestly add that I'm pretty sure we won't look back at our wedding pics and cringe. But I guess everybody says that. Let's keep our fingers crossed that vintage is another word for timeless!

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