Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1 Week Down, 2 More to Go!

I don’t remember if I talked about doing weekly updates regarding my weight loss experiment, but I knew I needed to report back in order to be held accountable. I thought that weekly progress reports (more or less like a diary) would be a good way to write down what I did (or didn’t do), and review the previous week. It’s not necessarily to make me feel guilty for what I didn’t do, but to write down the good things and see what I did manage to accomplish.

As far as the diet goes, I mentioned that I wouldn’t make any changes to this. I did however, want to manage my “liquid diet” and be made more responsible regarding that issue. I did cut out the daily Sunkist, other then the one a week I allowed myself. I also decided that if we did partake in beer drinking, I would only drink at most, 3 per sitting. Success! Other then Friday night – FAIL. But it’s not necessarily my fault (haha, yeah right). We participated in a work appreciation happy hour, where all our drinks were free, we had a margarita at dinner, AND we were given a FREE tequila shot at a Mexican restaurant that we frequent every weekend. It would have been rude to turn it down. It is very hard to label that as a failure in my books.

Regarding the workouts, many laughed and said I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. Jokes on you! I did it! I managed to drag my lazy butt out of bed every weekday morning at 4:45am (except Friday), and log my 40 minute morning workout at the gym. I’m not going to lie, there were a couple rough mornings, but I powered thru them and now I’m here on the other side! The only other day I didn’t workout as planned was Saturday, where I chose not to go to the gym due to the above “liquid diet” choice from Friday night. I’m not saying that I couldn’t have worked out later in the day, but working out in the early morning wasn’t going to happen. The rest of the day passed in a shopping blur, and we had plans for Saturday night, so it just didn’t happen.

Now, there have been a few....let’s call them side effects from all this physical activity.

The first side effect is that I no longer seem to want to wear high heels to work. My dogs are barking! The thought of putting on a pair of high heels for an eight hour working day just doesn’t sound like my idea of fun right now.

Another side effect has been that my hair lives in a constant pony tail. The morning workout pony tails are causing creases in my hair that are not attractive when I wear my hair down, and I refuse to wake up another twenty minutes earlier to give myself time to wash and blow dry my hair in the mornings. So the pony tail lives on!

The last side effect, that honestly seems to affect me the most, is that I have taken on an older person’s sleep habits. I start heading for bed around 8:30, I’m usually asleep by 9, and then I wake up at a time that starts with a 4. A 4! I wake up at freaking 4:45am! I literally feel like a zombie when I roll out of bed. I have to. If I actually thought about what I was doing as I rolled out of bed, I would definitely turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

No, I have not turned into a slob at work. However, currently I’m about 3.5 inches shorter, I yawn a few more times a day, and I don’t shed as much hair at my work station. None of these are life altering, so I guess I have no excuse but to trudge on.

On to week 2!

Have you ever taken an extreme route to reach the end? Or are you more of a slow and steady wins the race type of person?

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