Friday, April 20, 2012

Weight Loss Experiment

I want to premise this post with saying that I do not have any body image issues. My fiancé thinks I’m beautiful, often tells me so, and other then my smart a@@ comments, probably wouldn’t change a thing about me. With that being said…..

Who wouldn’t be just a teensy bit happier if they lost 5 pounds? Especially those of us who are nearing a day where they are going to have slip into a little white dress, be the center of attention, and be reminded FOR-EV-ER by pictures of what we looked like on said day? I would! I would!

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You’re killin me Smalls!

I’m a person who usually bounces around a 5 pound range. When I start hitting the top of that range, its time to workout a little bit harder (or more likely, start working out) and cut out the Sunkists (I’m so addicted). What I have learned about maintaining my weight, is that it is 70% diet, 30% physical.

The last year or so, I have really tried to develop healthier eating habits. I’ve always known what the healthier eating choice should be, but I am now actively choosing to pick my healthier alternative. I started waking up early in the morning to make myself eggs and toast or fruit, I pack a healthy lunch to take to work, and we only eat out a couple times on the weekend. We hardly ever eat out during the week. As long as I was eating healthy, and working out 2-4 times a week, I could enjoying my lovely, refreshing orange beverage and still maintain my weight.

However, now that that little white dress is hanging in my closet, I can almost hear her calling to me whenever I open a can of Sunkist. I’m not listening Isabella (yes, I named my dress), there’s still months to the wedding. Cue dress fitting last Wednesday. She fit. I knew she would. But, let’s just say we could have looked better. And with my bridal portraits happening in May, it was time to do something drastic.

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I am currently eating between 1200-1400 calories, anything less than that is unsafe. I knew with my current caloric intake, I couldn’t make any changes to my diet. I’m trying to loose weight, not starve myself. So any changes made will have to be to my workout routine. I am viewing the next 3 weeks as my Weight Loss Experiment. I’m working out twice a day during the week, once on the weekends, and honestly, I’ll probably skip Fridays. I know it seems extreme, but I’m not doing it forever. Its 3 weeks. I can handle that. I have decided to do the elliptical for 30-40 minutes in the morning, and then I walk/cycle for an hour in the evenings.

Much like the dance lesson, I wasn’t going to publish this online, but a friend of mine mentioned that if I did, at least I would be accountable to someone, somewhere. I started my experiment 4/9, and will be making (hopefully), weekly updates every Tuesday. So keep you’re fingers crossed! Almost one week down, two more to go!


  1. You know Megan, aside from your very interesting commentary on your diet and exercise regimine, you have a flair for writing. You're really pretty good !

    Rick (Dad)

  2. I agree - love reading these posts. The thing is 5 lbs. isn't terrible but it always has to be the limit, unless you are pregnant, or it get's away from you. You are not really yo-yoing - that's people that gain and loose like 50 lbs+ you are practicing dietstabilization. It's my new word. You will look FABULOUS sweetie, white gown, Sunkist can, cowboy boots and all.