Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And They're Off!

No, no, not the ponies, our invitations! And we only missed my deadline by 2 days!

Personal image of our invitations rearing to go to the post office.

Now that those bad boys are scattered across Texas and the East coast, I can show you all the components that went into it. If you remember, thanks to the Post Office, we had to send out two different versions. Luckily enough, it’s all in the presentation and we were able to keep all the main parts of the invitation the same.

Our hand delivered invites will be wrapped in a nice little bow, a la Christmas morning:

Personal Picture

The invites that are mailed via the post office will be scattered haphazardly in the envelope, a la our second bedroom.

Personal Picture

Our main invite will consist of our Burlap Invitation:

Personal Picture

The RSVP postcard:

Personal Picture. Yes, our RSVP’s will be sporting Hawaiian shirt stamps, and no, I don’t care.

And the additional information card:

Personal Picture. The rectangular extra info card will be in the willy nilly invite, and the luggage tag looking extra info card will be tied to the jute string in the hand delivered invites.

I’m so excited for people to start getting these! As well as for them to finally be done and mailed! Labor of love my a@@. Just kidding. But seriously.

Were you happy to see a diy finally be over?

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