Friday, April 6, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed......

Grab a beer and sit by the bar. That’s what we do at least. We’re real go-getters :)

I wasn’t even going to share this with the internet world, or anyone for that matter, but Michael made “Dancing: Epic Fail” his Facebook status the other day, so I feel like its fair game.

Let me back up. At a dancehall down the road, they offer free dancing lessons on Thursday nights. Michael had been promising that we could go, but I didn’t really believe him. He usually has school Thursday nights, so going wasn’t really an option. However, the other week was Spring Break so we were finally able to go!

Well, Michael was not exaggerating…..EPIC FAIL
That’s right. Kate Gosselin, Dancing with the Stars fail. It was not pretty.

We were going left when we should have been going right; we were walking when we should have been sliding. And a twirl? We didn’t even attempt that. We kept at it for a good 45 minutes, trying to make something happen. Then we called it a night and grabbed a beer.

I don’t think it was necessarily our fault. The instructor was teaching us what he called a “Progressive 2-step”, which might have been a little too umm….difficult. I think we should work on the 2-step part first, then move on to the next level. We have to walk before we can run, and in dancing we have to 2-step before we can Progress! It makes sense, think about it.

We’ll definitely give it another try, (we’re not quitters!) but for now we’ll just consider this a learning experience and enjoy our beer.

Have you taken lessons to learn anything new? Or does everything come naturally?

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