Monday, April 9, 2012

Evolution of Flowers

Let me state right now, once my Aunt reminded me that her friend does flowers, flowers did not cross my mind other then when they just happened to be in inspiration pictures I had collected. Honestly, flowers had not crossed my mind as a priority previous to her bringing it up either. In the back of my mind was the thought that yes, we would have flowers, but I really didn’t care that much about them. With that being said, I’ll introduce you to some of my recent obsessions.

The first flower to grace my computer screen and capture my undying attention was the epic peony:

They were what I wanted, and that was that. I had originally wanted peonies on the tables for centerpieces as well as in the bouquets, but sadly I’ve moved on, As time has gone by and our wedding has started to take on its own personality, I don’t think the romantic pinks and vintage peaches are really going to go. I’m hoping that we can still sneak a few white ones into the bouquets and/or centerpieces somewhere, but we’ll have to see.

Since then, I have moved on to succulents. I think they’re so unique, even though the wedding blogosphere says otherwise. I personally have never been to a wedding that included them, so I think they’re still pretty original in my neck of the woods. And they’ll go definitely go with everything.

Another must have that I’m anticipating is baby’s breath. Any time before being engaged, I would have called it a weed, but now I think there is something amazing about the simplicity of it in the bouquets. I just love it and think it would go great with an outdoor ceremony and really pop against the bridesmaids dresses.

I also like the baby’s breath pomander I found on Pinterest. I think a few of these hanging from the ceremony arches wouldn’t look to shabby.

Another favorite, has been flowers that are dimensional and have a non-traditional flower shape. I particularly love the billy balls and thistles.

Other then that, my fall back plan is wild flowers. Or rather, flowers that look like wild flowers. I think that the bold, bright colors would look great. I’ve never been a girl who had a favorite flower, instead preferring to look out my window at the fields of bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, buttercups, daisy’s, sunflowers, and whatnot.

I know it goes against the whole “wedding color scheme” idea but as time goes on, I’m starting to gravitate away from having a solidified color palette, and more towards everything being white, with pops of color here and there. I’m hoping *fingers crossed* that there is plenty of color at our venue due to the landscaping and openness, and that there isn’t a drought this summer (or flood).

Did your wedding colors evolve? If so, what made you change your mind?

P.S. I think I saved most of the above pictures from Pinterest or Style Me Pretty. All of them were saved before I started blogging so not really sure where I found them. Sorry!

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