Sunday, April 8, 2012

Engagement Pictures

Third time's the charm! It's true! We had to reschedule our engagement pictures three different times due to rain. And we were in the middle of one of the most severe drought's Texas has ever experienced! Every time we scheduled the pictures and would drive the four hours from Dallas to Seguin, it would rain. The first time, it rained and it was cold! Worst luck ever.

Oh well. We finally got them over and done with a couple weeks ago, and we already have them in our possession! Our photographer is the best. Dawn, of Dawn’s Photography, was so laid back and easy to work with; two un-photogenic people couldn’t have asked for anyone better!

We met in Gruene, TX and started our scenic walk around the grounds as Dawn snapped pictures.

We took some pictures down by the river.

We found these huge rocking chairs.

We stared into the distance, pondering our future.....

Ha! I still can't take that picture seriously. Anyways, after pondering our future, I guess we started walking towards it....

Next we faced off on some bicycles we found.

Then we found this adobe wall that looked really cool. I felt like we were in Mexico.

Finally, I think this summed it up.

Even though I was nervous about taking engagement pictures, I'm glad we did it. They weren't that expensive, it gave us some great pics of ourselves, and it also gave us a chance to get more comfortable with Dawn. I'm anticipating this being very helpful on the big day. As well as when I take my bridal portraits and it’s just me and her one on one.

Are you a photogenic person? Were you nervous before taking your engagement or bridal portraits? What did you do to relax?

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