Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Michael asked me to marry him May 28th in Barbados, then proceeded to put this little number on my left hand.

Love it! Couldn’t have done better if I had picked it out myself (that's not an inside joke, he did it all by himself!).

So to complete our wedding ring ensemble, one rainy weekend we went wedding band shopping at Robbins Brothers. We both had done our own google research and had a pretty clear idea what we wanted.

Image via Robbins Brothers Ladies White Gold and Diamond Band

Personal picture of my engagement ring and wedding band together!

Image via Robbins Brothers Comfort Fit Band

The staff was very knowledgeable when we had some questions regarding the metals, the service was great, and it was relatively painless. They even were eligible for an A+ grade from me when they offered us drinks (aka beer) as we were checking out, which I definitely needed after spending that much money. Car dealerships could learn a thing or two from them. Anyways, the point is, it was great experience! I highly recommend them.

I was busy when Robbin's Brother's called to tell us the rings would be ready, so Michael went to pick them up by himself later that week after work. I was so excited until I got home and was greeted by this:

Personal Picture

Really? A plastic baggy?!!? I don’t even qualify for a box? Besides, it’s not even a real baggy. It’s like a ripped off piece of plastic that they dug out of the garbage and wrapped around my ring. SERIOUSLY?!?!? I felt like Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey during one of their Weekend Update routines that used to air weekly on Saturday Night Live.

Image via 20sixfresh

Ugh. Whatever. I’m too worn out from the post office to care right now.


Moral of the story: this probably isn’t something I should really worry about, especially since I will be wearing it on my hand every day after July 14th, and not storing it in a box. But it’s the principal! You spend that much money you should be able to get a box. Know what I’m saying?

Did you have any #firstworldproblems situations? Maybe something you freaked out about but wasn’t really worth it?

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