Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Registering (and my Top 5 Favorites!)

The hardest part of registering for me was waiting to do it. I hate waiting. Even my flowers are Impatient (**haha, get it?).

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Unlike Michael, I wanted to go out right then and there, and examine all the goodness that Bed, Bath & Beyond had to offer. I’m not really sure why I had this need to go out and scan home good items that I wouldn’t be able to take home with me. I’m not a window shopper by nature, preferring instant gratification instead, and I don’t go shopping unless I can take it home. But, I was determined to go as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, I used the fiancĂ©-imposed wait time to determine which places we would actually register at.

Home Depot vs Lowe’s

I knew we would probably end up at a home improvement store for sure. We plan on buying a house relatively soon, probably a fixer-upper, and realized that our large tool chest was lacking. We eventually settled on Home Depot because there is one located in the town where most people who are attending the wedding live. If we had chosen Lowe’s, anybody wanting to get us something from there would have had to drive roughly 20-30 minutes. So due mainly to convenience, Home Depot was who we finally decided on.

Macy’s vs Bed, Bath, & Beyond

If you read my intro, you know we ended up choosing Bed, Bath, & Beyond. This, once again, was a choice of convenience as well as prices. Both places offered the same things (at least the items that we wanted), but BB&B offered them at a consistently lower price. We registered for various small appliances, kitchen stuffs, bathroom, and bedroom stuff, as well as a few of the “beyond” items.

The last place was really the only contender we had in this category. I collect the infamous fiestaware. Gift & Gourmet in Seguin, TX is a local business that offers all the fiesta options I could possibly imagine. And if it’s not in the store, the owner said that she would order it for me. I like to think I receive special attention because the owner is my best friend's Aunt, but probably not. We went the route of not registering for china, so instead I also registered for Lennox Christmas dishes at G&G too.

My Top 5 Favorites!

1) Stand Mixer and Ice Cream Accessory - ice cream.....need I say more?
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2) Lennox Christmas dishes - no reason, just love them. And they make me happy.
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3) Asparagus Steamer - asparagus is my favorite vegetable and now it has its own special pot!
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4) Bedding - I love the bedding we registered for! It makes me feel so grown-up!
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5) Gardening Tools - I can't wait to start a real garden instead of potted tomatoes.
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What was your favorite thing that you registered for and why?

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