Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brooches, Brooches Everywhere!

The day Michael and I were returning from our amazing trip to Barbados, two of my favorite country artists were getting married.

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And what’s that Miranda’s holding in her right hand in excitement? A brooch bouquet!

Image Source / Etsy Seller TheRitzyRose

After researching/stalking Miranda’s brooch bouquet, I found that they were also sold on Etsy. Seriously, what can’t you buy there? Some other inspirations I found on Etsy:

Image via Etsy / Etsy Seller NicsButtonBuds

Image via Etsy / Etsy Seller TheCrystalFlower

Image via Etsy / Etsy Seller Vaughndesigns

While searching Etsy for “brooch bouquet”, I also came across brooch cake toppers! Who can pass up more sparkles and color? Not me!

Image via Etsy / Etsy Seller SolBijou

Image via Etsy / Etsy Seller MySweetAddictionJLS

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I was sold on the brooch bouquet. Hands down, had to have it, knew that I would be carrying something like the above down the aisle. However, after reviewing the price tags that were associated with the pre-made bouquets, I knew it was something that would have to be added to my diy list. And the brooch cake topper was something I would definitely keep in the back of my mind as an option (aka, how much would Michael let me get away with?).

Has there ever been something that you had to have come hell or high water?


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  2. Your Brooch Bouquet will look great! Unfortunately I don't look like Blake Shelton

  3. I really love the one with the pearls. These are cool ideas. You collect crap at vintage shops and flea markets and put together something so cool. I'm likin it.

    1. Seriously. It combined my two favorite things: shopping and being cheap! Win Win