Friday, April 27, 2012

Invitation Breakdown $$

We’ve covered the fact that I’m cheap and love a good deal. But I must say, on our invitations, I even impressed myself. Below is breakdown of what we paid for each piece, and where we bought it.

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Digital Invitation Suite - $25: I bought this pre-designed on Etsy from DesignsMadeEasy. It was already designed, all I had to do was pick my colors. She was very easy to work with, and I had my final digital copy within 48 hours. It came with a save the date, invitation, and RSVP.

250 invitations - $56.10: They were ordered from Vistaprint during one of their epic sales. You know? The one that happens every other weekend. Included in the total price is the matte finish, upload fee, as well as shipping and handling. I was forced to order 250 because Vistaprint’s options are 100 or 250. I was forced to go big because I knew I would need more then 100.

RSVP’s - $17.88: I bought these when Vistaprint was running their promotion of 100 postcards for free. These promotions only require that you pay the shipping and handling, and any original uploads. I paid two s&h fees of $6.95, and one upload fee of $5, and voila. I had 200 RSVP’s. Granted they came in two separate packages, but beggars can’t be choosers right?

Personal picutre of my box o’ paper.

DIY Materials - $29: This included a postcard stamp for the save the date, ink pad, glue, burlap, and twine. Most of these I bought at hobby lobby or Walmart. The postcard stamp I bought from my good friend eBay.

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150 kraft paper envelopes - $57.99: These were purchased from a website called PaperandMore. They had great prices and made it easy and convenient to buy samples to make sure I picked the right color, as well as offered insight into envelope sizing. They have a great information page here about deciphering thru that craziness.

Stamps: $35.20 for 110 RSVP postcard stamps, and $52.00 for 80 .65 cent stamps. We only bought 80 invitation stamps because we will be hand delivering a few of them. See reason why we will be hand delivering some invitations here (I'm still upset Mr. Post Office!). Stamp total: $87.20

Grand Total: $273.17 for 110 invitations

Per Invite: $2.48

I get a big cheesy grin on my face whenever I compare that number of what we paid versus what these bad boys would have cost for a professional to make them. I love saving money! Not only did we save money, we also came in under budget. Double score!

Do you have issues coming in under budget? Or do you always pick the cheapskate route?

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