Monday, April 16, 2012


Much like making my venue decision, I knew what I didn’t want. The traditional wishing well. I’m sure its great for whomever chooses to use it. There is a lot of tradition behind using the wishing well that I’m sure most people embrace and cherish. It was just one those items that personally, wasn’t for me.

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And I’ll admit it. The first time this came up in discussion, I threw a fit. I’m not proud of it. I’m still not even really sure what happened. I’m 26 years old throwing a hissy fit in a restaurant. But it was never brought up again, so I think I still won, even if I lost a little bit of my dignity.

Some viable options that were always on the table, but I just wasn’t feeling 100%:

A friend of mine had used a bird cage at her wedding and I thought that it would add a nice vintage element if I chose to go this route. I figured it was a good Plan B if nothing else felt right.

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This idea was ok…. I feel like using the mailbox is starting to be symbolic of the Pixar movie UP!, and I couldn’t pull the trigger with that symbolism lurking in the back of my head. It just didn’t feel right. Also, Michael didn’t seem overly excited about using a mailbox either.

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I also had a few random ideas that I really liked:

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But then, it hit me. It didn’t even feel like a ton of bricks. It was more like a slow realization that led to happiness because it felt 100% right. I love it when I have a gut feeling like that. It justifies whatever craziness is about to follow. Anyways, I’ll quit talking and just show you my glorified card box.

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Isn’t it great? Its simple and efficient; two adjectives not used as often as they should be in the wedding world. And luckily enough, I had already made my CARDS sign! Now the biggest problem is to decide how to display it. Oh yeah, and buy a program basket since that’s what I originally bought this wire basket for *eye roll.

So what do you think? Do I clothespin it to the top rung of the basket? Or string it on some twine?

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  1. It's your wedding. Do it exactly as you want - hopefully you only do it once sweetness. Love you FMI