Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Double Digit Desperation

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Thanks for the clocks Knot! I realize time is ticking!

So we have 94 days to go as of today. And recently I have developed this constant nagging feeling that there is something I should be doing. All. The. Time. But my DIY list is under control, most of our decor is bought, and we're right on schedule with the To Do list. Michael is working on addressing the invitations so we should have them sent out by this weekend, although I gave us a hard deadline of next weekend. All the Groomsmen have been notified of what they're supposed to be wearing and should be in the process of buying, all the Bridesmaid's have their dresses (and they fit!), so I think we’re right on schedule in that department. But then the doubts set in. There must be something left undone that I should be working on or scheduling. Those constant, nagging thoughts.

We still haven't met with the Officiant because he forgot about our first scheduled meeting, I need to get my dress altered so that I can schedule my bridal portraits, and we still haven't sent in a deposit to the rental place so that we can have pretty chairs! I need to write two thank you notes, stuff the invitations into envelopes, and buy postage (*note to self: dont forget to stamp the RSVP's before stuffing the invitations*)! I guess it's time to update my To Do list. Oh and add a few hours to the day. If only it were that easy.

I guess what I'm trying to say (more for my own benefit then for anyone else) is that if I stay focused and keep to the time table that I already set, everything should get done. Key word being should. Especially since lately I have been slightly less than focused. But taking a night or two off here and there is probably good for me. You know, smelling the roses and all that jazz.

Last night I smelled some roses and went to a Mavs game. The 2011 NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks that is. Thank goodness they finally released Lamar Odom so I didn’t have to worry about watching his lazy butt run up and down the court (sorry to the Kardashian fans out there, he just wasn’t good).

Ultimately, smelling the roses is what it’s all about in the end. My “desperation” will probably heat up over the next couple months, but then, on July 14th, it’s going to disappear. We’re going to be getting married and all my crazy antics/thoughts will just be future fodder for Michael’s jokes when he’s poking fun at me. As my husband, dun dun dunnnnn (sounds weird saying that). And that’s the important thing to remind myself of when those nagging thoughts visit me.

Did you take time to smell any roses while you were engaged? What did you do to unwind?

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  1. Megan Henderson is a Mavs fan and I'm not...what is the world coming to? As far as smelling the roses, it all comes together in the end. But don't ask me b/c I made my sister do everything!